KNPB Announces "Re-Scan" Notice for Truckee/Lake Tahoe on July 31 and Verdi/Northwest Reno August 2

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(Reno, NV) -- Due to new requirements from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), KNPB Public Broadcasting is changing its translator channels for the Truckee/Lake Tahoe on Tuesday, July 31 and Verdi/Northwest Reno on Thursday, August 2. 

Viewers receiving KNPB (5.1, 5.2, 5.3) over the air in these areas will need to re-scan their televisions or receivers after the change takes place to receive the new frequency. KNPB will still be broadcast over channel 5. Cable and satellite service customers will not be impacted. 

"The change to these translator channels will not impact programming," says KNPB President and CEO Kurt Mische. "It is our mission to connect all of our communities, and this change helps ensure that Verdi, Truckee and Lake Tahoe residents will receive quality KNPB programming for years to come." 

Channel 47 for Verdi and Northwest Reno over the air viewers is moving to channel 36. Channel 42 for Truckee and Lake Tahoe over the air viewers is moving to channel 22.  

If you experience any issues after the change, please contact KNPB at or 775.784.4555, option 4.

Below are the instructions for rescanning: 

  1. Press the menu button on your remote. 
  2. In your TV's menu, select channel setup (or a similar option) 
  3. Select antenna or tuner. 
  4. Start a new scan. 

Every TV is different, so if what you see on your screen does not match the steps above, please refer to your TV's product manual. Information from some of the top television manufacturers is found below.


KNPB is seen by more than 130,000 people weekly in northern Nevada and northeastern California with additional viewership on multicast channels KNPB Create on channel 5.2, and KNPB PBS KIDS on 5.3. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as individual members, KNPB has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.

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