KNPB offers unparalleled visibility for corporate sponsors and donors to be known to upscale consumers, business leaders and community decision makers.

KNPB broadcasts three (3) non-commercial, television channels that offer unique opportunities for businesses to feature products and services in a dignified, uncluttered environment where messages can have maximum effect:

  • KNPB:  Our flagship service with care programming such as Antiques Roadshow, PBS NewsHour, Sesame Street and KNPB productions like Living in the Big Empty and Stewards of the Rangeland.
  • KNPB PBS KIDS:  Celebrated KNPB PBS KIDS programs available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in free localized broadcasts and live stream.
  • KNPB Create:  24/7 lifestyle programming featuring Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Home Improvement and Travel. Favorites include Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen, Rick Steves’ Europe and This Old House.

KNPB Delivers Extensive Coverage:

  • Broadcast signal reaches throughout northern Nevada and eastern California.
  • 70,000 Households (168,000 people) watch KNPB in a given week.

KNPB Delivers the Right People:

  • 8.1% of viewers have household incomes of over $200,000 per year
  • 12.8% of viewers have post graduate degrees
  • 11% of viewers own their own business and 3.6% are company presidents

KNPB Delivers Branding: 

  • 61% of viewers believe PBS sponsors are industry leaders
  • 59% of viewers are more likely to do business with PBS program sponsors
  • 68% of viewers believe PBS sponsors are committed to quality and excellence

KNPB Delivers a Powerful Partnership:

  • Connect your brand around signature KNPB and PBS program brands
  • Enhance your company’s brand image
  • Deepen your company’s relationships with local customers

KNPB Delivers an Uncluttered Environment:

  • KNPB and PBS have by far the fewest non programming minutes on television
  • KNPB averages 5:01 minutes per hour
  • CBS broadcast average is 15:12, Discovery’s is 15:31, and CNN’s is 13:57

KNPB Delivers Your Message to an Engaged Audience:

  • 93% of viewers agreed that PBS programming is entertaining
  • 92% of viewers agreed that watching PBS programming is “time well spent”
  • 80% of viewers agreed that PBS sets the standard for quality programming

KNPB Delivers an Extensive Program Guide:

KNPB Delivers a Robust Web Experience:

  • Our website,, averages over 200 visits each day.
  • Over 6,000 uniques visitors per month.
  • Over 1.300 page views
  • An average time of over 2 minutes spent on the website per visit.
  • Monthly eNewsletter to 5,600 subscribers


Corporate Sponsors can also take advantage of supporting special community and outreach events such as Aged to Perfection, Silver Circle Major Donor parties, KNPB Kids Club events, PBS personality shows and local screenings.
For more information, contact KNPB at 775.784.4555.

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