Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast with JJ Virgin

Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast with JJ VirginIn this program JJ Virgin, a fitness and nutrition expert, describes how food intolerance can be the root cause of inability to lose weight and the direct cause of a myriad of ailments that plague the average American. Food intolerance isn't a fixed condition, it's more of a dynamic response. By removing the foods that are often the culprits in food intolerance, you will be able to discover a path to better health and be able to lose weight and keep it off.

There are 7 foods most responsible for most of the problem. They are working against you and, in subtle ways, prevent you from sleeping well, losing weight, looking and feeling your best. The more trouble you've had losing weight, the more likely it is that food intolerance is your problem. JJ discusses how to recognize the effects of the 7 top offenders and how to eliminate their destructive effect on your body's systems.

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