American Graduate

The American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen

American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen!

KNPB is honored to be a recipient of the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Help us graduate Nevada’s children!

The high school drop-out rate in America is staggering – only 80% of students graduate high school. In Nevada, the high school graduation rate is a mere 63%.

With a nationwide goal of 90% of students graduating high school by 2020, Nevada has their work cut out for them.

Watch clips from American Graduate Day 2014American Graduate Day 2015:
Watch KNPB on Saturday, October 3rd from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for American Graduate Day. Join us in celebrating the exceptional work of individuals and groups whose ongoing and daily efforts help youth stay on track to earn their high school diplomas. The broadcast and online event features a mix of national and local segments, including one produced live by KNPB about Little Red Caboose along with other community stories. More...

Become an American Graduate Champion:
Know a champion for education in your community? Recognize them as an American Graduate Champion! Learn more...

American Graduate: An Open Lines Townhall Broadcast:
Nevada students face obstacles on their path to graduation. KNPB explores the challenges with community and education leaders, attempting to break down some of the barriers that may exist within the community in a live, town hall discussion.Watch this program now online...

Supporting Nevada’s Children from Cradle to Career:
KNPB looks forward to exploring the impact that early education has on decreasing drop-out rates, the various community and school district drop-out prevention programs, career and college ready programs, and post high school education options available to Nevadans during the course of our American Graduate work.

Economic Benefits of Increasing Graduation Rates: 

  • Every high school dropout costs the community an estimated $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes and productivity.
  • High school drop outs earn less money, are more likely to use social services, and are more likely to be incarcerated.
  • Increasing high school graduation rates increases annual earnings and spending, and the amount of new jobs in the community.
  • We hope you will join us in our effort to raise awareness and connect those working to increase Nevada’s high school graduation rate.

Looking Up From the Bottom:
It seems that Nevada is always on the bottom of the good lists and the top of the bad lists — especially in education. But there are people making a difference. The KNPB local production Looking Up From the Bottom about how a few people are making a big difference is now available for online streaming at

Options for Parents:
We would love to provide your family with resources for keeping your child engaged in school and on the path to graduation. Please call the KNPB American Graduate Resource Line 775.682.7801 for assistance.

If you know a young adult in danger of dropping out here are some of the options available in the school district:

  • Wolf online high school (degrees or individual classes)
  • PLATO (online classes offered in the high school)
  • AACT (juniors and seniors learn a trade and get a high school diploma)
  • Washoe High School (alternative learning environment)
  • Truckee Meadows High School (earn a high school diploma and get college credit)
  • Re-engagement Centers (help drop outs transition back to school)
  • Parent Involvement Facilitators (there to help parents navigate the school system)
  • High School Signature Academies: Washoe County School District's Signature Academies are an innovative approach to ensuring college and career readiness for all students. This initiative creates career and industry based programs at each comprehensive high school over the next four years. The Signature Academies will focus on specific programs such as arts, technology, health sciences, global studies, etc. This is a great way to match your child's passion with his/her high school education. For more information, go to the High School Signature Academy website.

Contact your local school for more information. Or you can contact the Parent Involvement Facilitator (PIF) at many of the local high schools. They are the parent advocates in the school district.

Washoe County School District Resources: Parent University:
WCSD Parent University is a one-stop shop for parents! Find more than 200 classes offered that will help every family increase their knowledge of how to help their children succeed.

Washoe County School District: Re-engagement Centers:
Re-engagement Centers have been created to help students take the first step to get back into school or keep students who are ready to drop out of school stay in school. This is a great place for parents and grandparents to find help. Read more about the Re-engagement Centers (visit, and for more information or questions contact Rechelle Murillo at 775.353.6930.

College and Career Readiness Resources:

WCSD Community Resources:
Child and Family Services Department website is designed to provide parents and administrators a place to find information on local organizations that can provide the resources they need.

Community Compact:
So what can an organization do PLENTY! Community Compact is a non-profit organization that is spearheading an effort to get everyone in the community involved in the effort to improve graduation rates in the Reno area. They have a large list of suggestions on how you can get involved. Visit the Community Compact website and get involved!

The American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen

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