WCSD: Parent University

WCSD Parent UniversityVisit the WCSD Parent University the website.

Goal: The WCSD Parent University will build the capacity of families to:

• Support their children’s learning,
• Navigate the educational system,
• Provide leadership and advocacy in their communities,
• Provide safe, nurturing and healthy environments for children outside of school,
• Be lifelong learner.

Why it’s Needed: Many classes are currently offered for families throughout the community, but lack of a centrally housed ‘catalog’ of classes makes it difficult for families and community-based organizations to connect. Schools are the center of information for families and often where they turn for resources. Many of WCSD’s families also lack the knowledge they need to navigate our educational system and support their children’s academic needs. Home environment and parent support was recently named the 4th most critical factor out of 28 factors that affects learning in a report by Temple University's Center for Research in Human Development and Education, A Synthesis of Research: What Helps Students Learn?
175 Classes will be offered under 5 different Strands:

  • Navigating the Education System – Supporting Student Learning – 50 classes
    (examples of classes include: Pathway to Graduation, Virtual Pre-K, How to Help Your Child Read)

  • Leadership & Advocacy – 30 classes
    (examples of classes include: Advocating for Your Child, Engaging all Families at Your School)

  • Parenting – 40 classes
    (examples of classes include: Bullying, Strengthening Families, Internet Safety)

  • Family Health & Wellness – 30 classes
    (examples of classes include: Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Family Dinners, Shopping Wisely)

  • Personal Growth & Development – 25 classes
    (examples of classes include: Financial Literacy, GED, English as a Second Language)

For specific class details or to find out more, visit the WCSD Parent University the website.


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