KNPB PBS LearningMedia
KNPB PBS LearningMedia offers over 30,000 digital resources that will engage students and ignite learning. KNPB PBS LearningMedia is a free classroom ready and curriculum targeted website.


KNPB PBS LearningMediaKNPB PBS LearningMedia offers more than 30,000 Digital resources:

•  3-5 minute streaming video clips
•  Interactives
•  Documents
•  Audios
•  Games
•  Images
•  Ready to use lesson plans
•  Handout materials for students


KNPB PBS LearningMedia Resources:

KNPB PBS LearningMedia Resources

Themed Resources:
     • Find PBS LearningMedia resources categorized by theme.

KNPB PBS LearningMedia Resources

Nevada Resources:
     • Locally produced lessons about the great state of Nevada.

Discovery Museum Resources Discovery Museum Related Resources:
     • Are you going to the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum? Find PBS
       LearningMedia resources to enhance your visit.
KNPB PBS LearningMedia Resources

Lesson Plans:
     • Each lesson utilizes several PBS LearningMedia resources.


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