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The Systems of the Human BodyThe Systems of the Human Body:  Grades 6-8

In this lesson, students are introduced to the various systems of the human body, their specialized function, and how the systems affect each other. The video From the Heart explores the structure and the function of the heart and circulatory system. Students will test their knowledge of the digestive, respiratory, and other human body systems in an interactive game, All Systems are Go!. Race the clock to put Arnold's organs back into his body one system at a time.
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Geometrical TransformationsGeometrical Transformations:  Grades 9-10

In this lesson, students explore the elementary transformations in geometry (translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation) through the LearningMedia resource Planar Figures-Transformations. In Determine Coordinates of Transformations-Shooting Pool, they will examine how transformations of points on the coordinate plane affect their placement and will find the coordinates of images that have been rotated, reflected, translated, or dilated. As a cumulating exercise, students will relate transformations to art and create a tessellation.
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Lesson Plans Index:

A Safer Planet
Acid Mine Drainage Lab
Be in the KnOw2 about O2
Biomes and Organisms Exploration and Investigation
Dams Exploration
Disease and Penicillin
Domes Exploration
Field Trip through the Solar System
Food and Exercise: Calories at Work
Gas Makes You Go
Geometrical Transformations
Getting to Space
Gravity and Microgravity

Guts: What Exactly Happens to Your Food...
Harnessing the Sun
Investigating Cells
Investigating Fossils
Investigating Glaciers
Investigating the Periodic Table

 • Investigating Your Roots
Know Your Table
Lightning: Nature's Light Show
Mass, Weight and Gravity
Mitochondria: Powerhouses of the Cell
Plate Tectonics
Separating DNA
Skyscraper Exploration
Solar Energy
Solving Systems of Equations Part 1
Solving Systems of Equations Part 2
Speed, Acceleration and Velocity
Suspension Bridge Exploration
• The Solar System
The Systems of the Human Body
• This Amazing Universe

Tunnels Exploration
Water, Water Everywhere
Your Brain 



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