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KNPB has been creating high quality videos about Nevada for decades. These are invaluable resources for historians, teachers, students, or any interested person. Enjoy these videos and the background information that goes with them!

Stewards of the Rangeland
Stewards of the Rangeland Documentary Educational Units:

Stewards of the Rangeland: "Water"
STEWARDS OF THE RANGELAND: WaterThis educational unit explores the essential question, “Should Southern Nevada be allowed to access water from Central and Eastern Nevada to fuel their growth?” In 1928, The Colorado River Compact was reached which allocated 300,000 acre feet of water per year to Nevada. This was sufficient for the needs of the 1928 population; however, today things have changed. The need for water in Southern Nevada has led to a controversial proposed pipeline project which has pitted urban Southern Nevada against largely rural Northern Nevada. >>>

Stewards of the Rangeland: "The Endangered West"
STEWARDS OF THE RANGELAND: The Endangered WestThe essential question of this educational unit is “Should the greater sage grouse be listed as an endangered species?” The Endangered Species Act was designed to protect imperiled species from extinction as a consequence of economic growth and development. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has presented the possibility of listing the greater sage grouse as an endangered species. Several opponents to the listing have expressed their concern citing it could severely cripple the economy of the West. >>>

These comprehensive units include a teacher background essay, student informational reading, short video clips, graphic organizers, images, and several activities. They are appropriate for grades 7-8 and are aligned to the Nevada Social Studies Standards and Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies. Students will engage in Socratic Seminar Discussion and conclude the “Water” lesson by writing an argumentative piece stating their position on the essential question. Click here to access the lesson and all support materials.

Nevada Experience: Newlands Project
The reclamation Act of 1903 which included the Newlands Project diverted water from the Truckee and Carson Rivers to the farmers in Fernley and Fallon. But it did not come without a price.

Nevada Experience: Lincoln Highway:
The United States was on the move, buut there was no coast-to-coast highway. The Lincoln Highway was to remedy this, but there was no funding, the highway in Nevada and Utah did not connect, and some of the highway was actually sand, rock, and deep mud. 

Wild NevadaWild Nevada:
These short, 3 to 5 minute, video segments from around Nevada were originally part of the Wild Nevada collection. Each comes with a background essay and additional support materials. Check back often as the collection will constantly grow.

Ash Meadows
Arc Dome
Baker Fremont Indian Archeological Site
Basque Sheepherder Aspen Carvings
Beehive Ovens
Belmont, NV
Berlin, NV
Big Dune

Black Rock Desert
• Boulder City

Cathedral Gorge

Dog Valley
• Echo Canyon State Park

Fort Churchill

• Guru Drive 
• Highland Range Crucial Bighorn Habitat
• Hoover Dam Railroad System
• Ichthyosaur State Park
Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Lehman Caves
• Lunar Crater Field

Manhattan, NV 
Moon Rocks
• Paradise Valley

Pyramid Lake-Sutcliff Marina
Red Rock Canyon: Tuff
Sand Mountain
• Silver City and Gold Hill
• Silver Peak

Spring Valley State Park

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

The Sump
Thunderbird Lodge
• Tahoe Rim Trail

Techatticup Mine
Tonopah Historic Mining Park
Tybo, Nye County
• Valley of Fire
• Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal

Virginia City
White Pine Mining District


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